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Daily Links – 1st April 2013

Birds in ancient Egyptian society: some brief notes (Joyce Filer)

Egyptologist Joyce Filer writes about some of the birds of ancient Egypt, using selected artwork, hieroglyphic texts, and mummified remains as reference material.

Video games that make you feel like Indiana Jones (Kotaku)

Kotaku has compiled a list of video games that have been influenced by the Indiana Jones films. (Author’s comment: Unsurprisingly, Tomb Raider made it onto the list but, surprisingly, the Uncharted series didn’t)

Swedish archaeologists find Thor’s Hammer (The Local: Swedish Edition)

Archaeologists believe they have found Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, buried in a tunnel near the Swedish capital, Stockholm. (Author’s comment: Spoiler alert! Check the date of publication ;))

Get the look: Lara Croft (Pxlbyte)

Want to look like the latest incarnation of Lara Croft? If so, check out Natasha’s fashion guide for Croft-inspired clothing.

Ur Region Archaeology Project 

Fascinating Tumblr blog which shows off some of the artefacts unearthed in southern Iraq. (Author’s comment: The excavation team currently working in the Ur region is backed by Iraq’s State Board for Antiquities and Heritage, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, and the University of Manchester)

Historical Archaeology in Antarctica (Youtube)

Video footage of a Brazilian research team conducting archaeological fieldwork in Antarctica (Author’s comment: I wonder if they came across any unusual meteorites… ;))


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