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Daily Links – 2nd, 3rd and 4th April 2013

90th anniversary of the curse of Tutankhamen – how a modern myth was born (University of Manchester)

On the eve of the 90th anniversary of the death of Lord Carnavon, Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley explains why the curse of Tutankhamen is nothing but a myth. (Author’s comment: 90 years later and newspapers are still creating modern-day myths of their own)

The Beginnings of CONsent (16-Bit Sirens)

Inspired by Megan Marie’s article about sexual discrimination within the video games industry, Sushi Killer presents the beginnings of her photo essay, “CONsent: The Importance of Treating Cosplayers with Respect”. (Author’s comment: I applaud Megan and Sushi Killer for their efforts in tackling this issue. All cosplayers have the right to enjoy themselves without attracting unwanted advances or crude remarks)

Caracol Archaeological Project (Caracol.Org)

Readers can follow the progress of the excavations carried out at the Caracol archaeological site in Belize’s Cayo District by visiting the  Caracol.Org website. (Author’s comment: There are lots of photos and site reports on the website for those of you who want to learn more about this Maya site)

Lara Croft, Bravery, and Humanity (The Border House)

Daniel Bullard-Bates writes about Tomb Raider 2013 and explains why he thinks Lara has become the most sympathetic and charismatic protagonist in action gaming. (Author comment: I’m not sure I agree with his statement that Lara is becoming a believable action hero. I still find she embraces her violent side far too quickly and it’s hard to believe she could survive so many falls, injuries, blows to the head, and gun shots…)

Project for the Preservation and Utilization of Artifacts from Nonaka Kofun (Osaka University)

This project aims to preserve and highlight the artefacts excavated from the Nonaka Kofun tomb and promote a better understanding of their historical significance. (Author’s comment: Lara makes a few references to Japan’s Kofun Period in TR 2013)

Interview with Lara Croft voice actress Camilla Luddington (New York Post)

The Post Game Report interviews Camilla Luddington, the latest voice actress to portray Lara Croft. (Author’s comment: Apparently she’s terrible at the game. This makes me feel a bit better about my own poor gaming skills..)

Uncharted and Tomb Raider would be better if they weren’t shooters (Games Beat)

Daniel Sims writes about Tomb RaiderUncharted and the apparent mismatch of video game genres. (Author’s comment: I know I’m obviously biased towards the older games but I still think Daniel makes some very valid points in his article. The new game would have been more enjoyable if there hadn’t been so many bloody gun battles)

Urgent Need to Protect United States’ Historic Environment (LiveScience)

Monty Dobson asks why there is no discussion about the impact of economic development on the US’ historic environment and archaeological record.

Free Archaeology, Part One: Volunteering, Training and Crowdfunding (Conflict Antiquities)

Samarkeolog wonders what volunteering, training and crowdfunding mean for archaeology as a profession. (Author’s comment: This is definitely worth reading if you are an archaeology student or are planning to pursue a career in archaeology)

Experienced Points: Lara’s Damsel in Distress (The Escapist)

Shamus Young talks Samantha and her complete ineptitude. (Author’s comment: I couldn’t agree more)

My Thesis in the Making: Archaeology in Gaming (Archaeology, Academia and Access)

Emily announces her thesis proposal for her Masters degree in Digital Heritage, in which she plans to research “how gaming technology might be used for disseminating experiential interpretations of archaeological data”. (Author’s comment: This sounds like a fascinating topic and I wish Emily all the best with her thesis)


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