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In the Spotlight: Casey M

Another day, another fan interview. This time, it’s Casey M’s turn in the spotlight. So what does she have to say about the Tomb Raider series?

So, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Casey Mongillo, and I’m a voice actress, sound designer, avid gamer and HUGE Tomb Raider fan :)

When and how did you learn about the Tomb Raider series?

When I was little, I watched my older brother play a demo for Tomb Raider II. It captivated me like so few games did (and still continues to). There was something special about the way the game presented Lara and the world around her.

Do you run a Tomb Raider fansite or blog? If so, what would you say was your biggest achievement to date?

I do! It’s called Casey Croft. I know, real clever, right? ;) It’s brand new, but my biggest achievement is already meeting so many wonderful people from the Tomb Raider fansite community. TR fans are seriously the best and I wish I had joined the community sooner.

How has Tomb Raider changed your life?

Back then, it certainly changed what I thought was possible in a video game. I think it also helped break the ice for developers creating some pretty bad-ass female heroes and protagonists. And come on, who didn’t wanna be Lara growing up? ;)

Were you interested in archaeology before discovering Tomb Raider? Have the Tomb Raider games and films inspired you to learn more about ancient history?

I was only minorly into archaeology before Tomb Raider (as in I didn’t fall asleep in class when discussing it). Actually it wasn’t until after high school when I had developed a deep interest in archaeology and a huge appreciation for those out there uncovering the facts of those who lived before us, and their societies. Going back and playing the TR games suddenly became that much more interesting too ;)

What are your thoughts on Lara’s image? Is she simply the product of a sexist gaming industry or can she be seen as a positive role model?

I love Lara’s classic image, but I love her new image even more. She’s more “real” and relatable now. I wouldn’t say Lara’s character is the product of a sexist gaming industry as she has always been a strong, independent beautiful woman, but her new form seems to be the product of a more evolved gaming industry, as her character focuses more on her personality and her journey, rather than her appearance.

What’s your favourite Tomb Raider game?

I love the classics and they will always hold a special place in my heart, but the new Tomb Raider definitely has to be my favorite. Please don’t hate me! ;P

And your least favourite game?

They’re all great, but if I had to choose, my least favourite would probably be Angel of Darkness. It felt too much like a Tomb Raider movie and the gameplay was overall clunky and a little incomplete.

Classic, Legend-Anniversary-Underworld or Reboot Lara?

Classic truly is classic, but I’m gonna have to go with reboot :)

Do you have any favourite Tomb Raider moments or quotes?

The first time I locked Winston in the freezer ;) But really, in the reboot when you’re at the part where Lara’s mad as heck and tearing down enemies as they’re panicking and shouting, “She’s just one girl!” to which another enemy shouts “Well that one girl is kicking our ass!”. Yeah. Revenge in the reboot is pretty epic and very satisfying.

What about least favourite moments? Is there anything you dislike about the games/films/comics?

That awkward moment when Winston somehow escaped the freezer. That sneaky bugger! But in all honesty, ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** Alex’s death seemed truly unnecessary to me. Grim’s death and Roth’s seemed to have a bit of a purpose, but Alex’s just seemed silly. It always kind of bugged me when you return back to the survivor’s camp only to be told Alex went out on his own for supplies. You knew what was going to happen! :(

If you could change one thing about the Tomb Raider franchise, what would you change?

The one thing I would change about future Tomb Raider games is I’d add some form of CO-OP as well as other typical multiplayer modes, similar to those from the Uncharted series. The single player experience is solid and unlike any other, just the online experience could use a little bit of work.

Which places would you like to see Lara explore in future games?

Really, anywhere with this new style would be incredible. They could explore the Bermuda Triangle or even a new interpretation or Atlantis. That would be incredibly cool!

Finally, if you could join Lara on one of her adventures, where would you go?

The vacation after the adventure ;)

A huge thanks to Casey M for taking part in our series of fan interviews. You can follow Casey on Twitter (@Casey_Croft), like her Facebook page, visit her professional website and/or visit her new fansite, Casey Croft.

An archive of our fan interviews can be found here.

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