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Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris Q&A with Scot Amos

Square Enix hosted a live Q&A session with Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris Executive Producer Scot Amos over on the official Tomb Raider forum on 25th November 2014. Over the course of the hour-long session, Scot took the opportunity to answer many of the fans’ questions about the upcoming game, its gameplay features, and the future of the Lara Croft spin-off series.

Here’s a short selection of questions and answers from the live Q&A session:

(Author’s note: There were some typos and grammatical errors in the original posts so I’ve done my best to clear them up below)

Q - Driber - Here’s a question some of the hardcore fans would probably like to know: How much research went into the lore, and does LCTOO stays true to said lore or were some things changed for this game?

A - Scot Amos - The Osiris Myth has many variations and depending on which sources we looked at, there were all sorts of details and twists and turns. For us, we had a few folks that even at the end of Guardian of Light started researching Egypt and looking for an angle on a classic myth Lara hadn’t explored yet. When we started Temple of Osiris, we had folks here at the studio who’d already done so much research and we had tons of Egyptian mythology books here that we could [use them as a] reference for how to retell this tale in a unique way built for a lighthearted retelling of this myth, as a prophecy that Lara now got to be part of bringing to fruition. Certainly all of the key characters and basic touchstones are steeped in the broadly accepted myth but we did take our own poetic license to make the environment suitably Croft-like in nature, to have traps, puzzles, tombs, and a place for Lara to find new teammates!

The Osiris myth as told in Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris

The Osiris myth as told in Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris (image credit: Kelly M)


Q - Facebook user - How does the Overworld work? Is the game more linear or open for exploration? And how does the weather system factor into what order you can explore?

A - Scot Amos - The Overworld is large, raised shrine hidden for centuries in a mountainous area of Egypt. This area is the outdoor connective tissue that links the Temple of Osiris (the giant pyramid) with the rest of the tombs and other areas to explore, which are each themed to a particular god from the myth. Each god has a certain element of power they control - such as day/night, drought/rain, or fire/ice. The weather and world state changes affect where you can explore in this overworld, what rewards you can find, and even influence the various enemy types who spawn…and it changes dynamically as the game (and story) progresses!


Q - Blacktron - The god Set in this game looks a lot like the god Anubis and not so much like Set. Seeing how you did a lot of research on Egyptian mythology, I can’t believe it was a mistake. Any particular reason for that?

A - Scot Amos - Not a mistake at all…but great noticing the detail! Set’s ears are square, which they should be based on the old god statues we’d seen in research of various depictions. Definitely lots of similarities between Anubis and Set, but we found enough historic foundation to craft this one be both familiar and still unique to Set vs the full-on Anubis.**

Set as seen in Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris

Set as depicted in Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris (Image credit: Kelly M)

** To be honest, Set looks more like an aardvark, anteater or some other animal if you look at these images of the god in Egyptian art. Just look at the downward curve of his snout and the strange forked tail. The Set depicted in the game (and in Last Revelation) does look a bit too much like Anubis in my humble opinion…

Want to know more? You can find the full Q&A session over on Square Enix’s Tomb Raider forum!

Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris will be out for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 9th December 2014. Don’t miss it!

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