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Tomb Raided - Issue 2

It’s time for another helping of Tomb Raider goodness courtesy of the Tomb Raider fan community! I’d like to thank everyone who gave me feedback on this new (weekly) feature and let me know what they’d like to see more of in future editions. :)

Before we move on to what my fellow fans and fansite owners have been up to over the past week, here are some recent articles of mine that you may have missed: an in-depth look at the griffin-head protome seen in TR: Anniversary, a list of my favourite Tomb Raider Easter eggs and my first impressions of the new mobile game, Lara Croft: Relic Run.

And now, let’s take a look at what others have been tweeting and creating!

Bobthepetferret Plays “Tomb Raider 2

Take a walk down memory lane with Let’s Player Bobthepetferret’s Tomb Raider 2 playthrough. Watch as he uncovers every secret and shares some facts about the various places Lara visits.

A Case of Deja Vu Over at Being Lara Croft

The ever-funny, ever-witty “Lady Lara Croft” draws some parallels between a recent photoshoot picture of actress Camilla Luddington and a well-known promo pic starring our favourite leading lady. The claws are out…

Deja vu, darling?

Deja vu, darling? (Image credi: Being Lara Croft)

 A New Fan Fic by Pfangirl

She may have just completed her 48-chapter epic Easier to Run but Pfangirl is back with another fan fiction set in the reboot universe. Her latest story, Early Excavations, explores the relationship between a self-conscious teenaged Lara Croft and her mentor and guardian Conrad Roth as the latter tries to help the former come to terms with her ancestry and her parents’ mysterious disappearance.

FemHype Talk About Sexism Within the Let’s Play Community

FemHype blogger Emily G talks about her experiences as a Let’s Player and addresses the “toxic sexism” that has damaged the Let’s Player community’s reputation.

Roli’s New Relic Run-Inspired Wallpaper

Lara Croft: Relic Run hasn’t been released in most of the world yet but that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own Relic Run-inspired fan art. One example is this beautiful wallpaper by Roland Dankó (aka Roli29), which can be downloaded over on his DeviantArt page!

 Tweets of the Week:

That’s all for this week, folks.

If you run a fansite or have created something you’d like me to feature in a future edition of Tomb Raided, please leave a comment below with a link to your work. All submissions will be reviewed and will be published on this blog at my discretion.

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2 Comments on Tomb Raided - Issue 2

  1. LOL. I love Tomb Raider logic memes. Expect some Relic Run ones soon haha.

    It’s not going to be ready for a few weeks, but I have a Tomb Raider Underworld review coming out on my blog soon. I will send you the link, if you needed something for a Tomb Raided post. Be warned: it’s not the most positive review. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. ;-) And Underworld p’d me off beyond belief (huge bug stopped me from completing the game). So feel free to send me the link when it’s up. :)

      Liked by 1 person

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