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The Discovery of a Long-Lost Maya City in Campeche, Mexico

An international team of Mexican and foreign archaeologists led by Dr. Ivan Šprajc recently discovered the remains of a large Maya city in the jungles of Campeche in south-eastern Mexico (the same general area that Lara explored in Tomb Raider: Underworld). The city, which has been named Chactún (“Red Rock”), is thought to have flourished during the Late Classic Period (600 and 900 AD)  and was the political centre of an area ... [Continue Reading]

19/06/2020 // 3 Comments

Lara’s Travels: Maya Ruins of Southern Mexico (Part 2)

In the previous edition of Lara’s Travels: Maya Ruins of Southern Mexico, we looked at the ruins of Chichén Itzá and Tulum, two of the Yucatán Peninsula’s most popular tourist destinations. This time, we will be focussing our attention on the cities of Calakmul and Dzibilchaltún. ***************************************************************** Calakmul: Deep in the jungles of Campeche lie the ruins of one of the Maya’s ... [Continue Reading]

22/04/2020 // 6 Comments

Arte-Factual: Tomb Raider I: Toltec Warriors

Sharp-eyed gamers may have noticed that the same colossal sculptures appear repeatedly throughout the Peruvian levels of the original Tomb Raider (1996), most notably in the Tomb of Qualopec. These sculptures are, in fact, based on the real-life Atlantes, or Atlantean pillars, found at Tula, a Postclassic archaeological site in the Mexican state of Hidalgo.** The four Atlantes of Tula are basalt pillars carved in the form of Toltec warriors ... [Continue Reading]

03/04/2020 // 9 Comments

Lara’s Travels: Maya Ruins of Southern Mexico (Part 1)

If you enjoyed exploring the Maya ruins of southern Mexico in Tomb Raider: Underworld, you might be interested to know that you can explore real Maya ruins from the comfort of your home by taking one of the virtual tours mentioned below. Whilst they are no substitute for the real thing, they’re a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the major Maya sites of Mexico’s southern states if you can’t afford to travel there. ... [Continue Reading]

29/03/2021 // 10 Comments


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