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Book Review: Samantha Sutton and the Temple of Traitors

Last November, archaeologist and author Jordan Jacobs approached me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the first two novels in his Samantha Sutton archaeology adventure series and very kindly sent me review copies shortly after our initial chat. While I don’t really fall under the series’ target demographic, I quickly became engrossed in its first two volumes, which, thankfully, managed to avoid most (if not all) of the ... [Continue Reading]

19/08/2020 // 2 Comments

Book Review: The Samantha Sutton Series by Jordan Jacobs

I had just turned 16 when the first Tomb Raider was released and I remember how I was instantly wowed by the game’s athletic, fiercely independent, and intelligent female protagonist. As a tomboyish bookworm, I grew up on a diet of Enid Blyton novels, encyclopaedias, and any books on Ancient Egypt I could get my hands on at our small, under-stocked local library. And despite the countless hours I spent reading, I never seemed to come ... [Continue Reading]

17/01/2021 // 2 Comments

The Winners of the Archaeology of Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt Are…

The Archaeology of Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt has come to an end and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who took part and/or helped publicize it via social media. You’re all stars. :) So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Drumrolls, please… The three lucky winners of the Archaeology of Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt are: José Cruz (who wins a copy of Learn Ancient Greek by Peter Jones), ... [Continue Reading]

31/01/2021 // 2 Comments

And the Winners of the Archaeology of Tomb Raider Sweepstake Are….

The first Archaeology of Tomb Raider sweepstake competition has now come to an end! It’s been a huge success with over 80 people from around the world competing for the chance to win either a copy of Lesley and Roy Adkin’s The Keys of Egypt: The Race to Read the Hieroglyphs or Barbara Watterson’s Gods of Ancient Egypt. Thank you all so much for participating and for spreading the word about the competition on Facebook and ... [Continue Reading]

01/10/2020 // 0 Comments

CLOSED: Enter the 1st Archaeology of Tomb Raider Sweepstake Competition!

UPDATE: This competition has now ended. Thanks to everyone who took part in our first sweepstake! Keep an eye out for future competitions on this blog. :) It’s been 6 months since The Archaeology of Tomb Raider was launched! And what better way to celebrate it than with a sweepstake competition? I’m afraid I don’t have any official Tomb Raider merchandise in stock but I do have 2 great books on Ancient Egypt to give away to 2 ... [Continue Reading]

09/09/2020 // 1 Comment


Update: This domain appears to have expired so I’ve removed the links. You can find a wide range of books on Ancient Egypt at other online stores, such as Amazon. If you’re looking for books on Ancient Egypt and Egyptology, you’ll find a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books, audio books, and e-books over at EgyptologyBooks.Com (no longer active). EgyptologyBooks.Com is an online referral book store which specializes ... [Continue Reading]

01/09/2020 // 7 Comments

Article: TrowelBlazers: In Search of the Female Indiana Jones

Dr. Victoria Herridge, one of the co-founders of the amazing TrowelBlazers Tumblr blog, wrote an article for CNN’s Leading Women feature in which she talked about the blog and its mission to celebrate the lives and careers of the remarkable (and often overlooked) women who have made valuable contributions to the fields of palaeontology, geology, and archaeology over the past couple of centuries. I was bombarded with more examples of ... [Continue Reading]

22/06/2020 // 9 Comments


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