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Free History & Art History Courses at Saylor.Org

If you’re looking for a way to broaden your knowledge of ancient history, the Classics, and/or art history at your own pace and for free, you will find an excellent selection of open courses on Saylor.Org. The Saylor Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. and was founded on the principal that education … Continue reading »

Arte-Factual: Tomb Raider: Anniversary: Killer Whale Bottle

In the last edition of Arte-Factual, we looked at the Golden Mask of Tornarsuk and learnt a little about Inuit culture and mythology. In this edition, we will be turning our attention to one of the collectible relics found in Tomb Raider: Anniversary: the Killer Whale Bottle. Like many of the artefacts and relics that have appeared … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 23rd June 2013

Archaeology Blog: Back in the Trenches (GraecoMuse) Real archaeology may not be anything like the “archaeology” depicted in the Tomb Raider games but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting and good fun, as Jenni’s latest blog post shows. High-tech inspired insights into Japan’s ancient ‘Kofun’ burial mounds (Phys.Org) Japanese archaeologist Izumi Niiro talks about the … Continue reading »

Article: TrowelBlazers: In Search of the Female Indiana Jones

Dr. Victoria Herridge, one of the co-founders of the amazing TrowelBlazers Tumblr blog, wrote an article for CNN’s Leading Women feature in which she talked about the blog and its mission to celebrate the lives and careers of the remarkable (and often overlooked) women who have made valuable contributions to the fields of palaeontology, geology, and archaeology … Continue reading »

The Discovery of a Long-Lost Maya City in Campeche, Mexico

An international team of Mexican and foreign archaeologists led by Dr. Ivan Šprajc recently discovered the remains of a large Maya city in the jungles of Campeche in south-eastern Mexico (the same general area that Lara explored in Tomb Raider: Underworld). The city, which has been named Chactún (“Red Rock”), is thought to have flourished during … Continue reading »

NEWS: Intact tomb chamber in Qubbet el Hawa opened‏ - VIDEO

Reblogged from The Egyptiana Emporium:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ6aps5m_4w&w=540&h=304] “A Spanish mission, led by Professor of Ancient History at the University of Jaén (UJA) Alejandro Jimenez has managed to open an intact tomb (over 4,000 years old) at Qubbet el Hawa, one of the largest private cemeteries in Egypt . Professor Jaen, who found several years ago the Chamber … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 17th June 2013

Tomb of Tutankhamun High Res Image Viewer (Factum Foundation) The Factum Foundation has created a high resolution image viewer that will allow archaeologists and other specialists to examine Tutankhamun’s tomb in fine detail and monitor the condition of its wall paintings. Development in China continues to destroy ancient sites (The Heritage Trust) The Heritage Trust … Continue reading »

Who Should Be Cast in the New Tomb Raider Film?

As many of you may already know, GK Films and MGM have hired Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer and co-producer Marti Noxon to work on the script for their upcoming Tomb Raider reboot film. It’s not yet clear whether the film will be a big-screen adaptation of Tomb Raider 2013 or an all-new adventure set after Ms Croft’s ordeal … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 15th June 2013

Revealed: a lost city and a holy temple (Canberra Times) An amazing article and video on how a team of archaeologists used LiDAR remote sensing technology to discover a lost Angkorian city and temple in Cambodia’s Phnom Kulen mountain range. Guardians of Peru’s Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling (New York Times) William Neuman … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 13th June 2013

Buffy Writer Takes on Tomb Raider Reboot (IGN) Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon has been hired to work on the script for the upcoming MGM Tomb Raider reboot. People in heritage: John Schofield, archaeologist (Get Into Heritage) Archaeologist John Schofield shares some tips and careers advice for aspiring archaeologists. Angkor Wat: Photo Gallery (Elsewise … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 12th June 2013

Why does the games industry have such a problem with female protagonists? (The Guardian) Belinda Parmer calls on the gaming industry to create more games with strong female protagonists and to tackle sexism within the industry. KALI-MA! Ritual Human Heart Extraction (Bones Don’t Lie) Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom … Continue reading »

WEBSITE: Would you like to help transcribe ancient papyri? Check out the Ancient Lives project!

Reblogged from The Egyptiana Emporium: “Ancient Lives is a collaboration between a diverse collection of Oxford Papyrologists and Researchers, The Imaging Papyri Project, The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project, the Egypt Exploration Society and the following institutions. The papyri belong to the Egypt Exploration Society and their texts will eventually be published and numbered in Society’s Greco-Roman … Continue reading »

3 Months Down the Road

It’s been exactly three months since I launched The Archaeology of Tomb Raider and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for reading, sharing and commenting on my blog posts and for following me on Twitter and/or Facebook. It’s been an awesome three months and I’m still amazed how far this blog has come … Continue reading »

Lara’s Travels: Tomb of Semerkhet

In this edition of Lara’s Travels, we leave behind the Maya sites of Southern Mexico and move on to the Tomb of Semerkhet, one of the many Egypt-based levels in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. One of the things that long-time fans of the Tomb Raider series may have noticed is the series’ quirky blend of historical … Continue reading »

Sunken Civilizations: Heracleion

From Franck Goddio’s website: Thonis-Heracleion (the Egyptian and Greek names of the city) is a city lost between legend and reality. Before the foundation of Alexandria in 331 BC, the city knew glorious times as the obligatory port of entry to Egypt for all ships coming from the Greek world. It had also a religious … Continue reading »

The Angel of Darkness 30-Day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Your favourite level and why? Hmm, tough one today. I think I’ll go with the Hall of Seasons and its four side levels. For some reason, this whole section of the game has a very classic Tomb Raider feel to it with its themed side levels, elaborate puzzles, astrological symbols, and huge rooms (St Francis … Continue reading »

News: 2nd Century Wooden Mask Unearthed in Nara, Japan

Archaeologists working at the Daifuku archaeological site (大福遺跡) in Sakurai (桜井), Nara Prefecture, Japan, have unearthed a fragment of a wooden mask thought to date back to the mid to late 2nd century. The mask is made of Japanese umbrella pine and bears a strong resemblance to a mask that was found at the Makimuku archaeological … Continue reading »

The Angel of Darkness 30-Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Other than Lara, who was your favourite character? It’s been a while since I played Angel of Darkness so, to be honest, I don’t really remember many of the characters in the game. I’d have to go with Kurtis Trent as he’s the only character that really stood out for me, though Janice the … Continue reading »

The Angel of Darkness 30-Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: What’s your favourite outfit from the game? Easy. The camouflage trousers outfit seen in the Louvre and Archaeological Dig levels. One of the few practical, yet stylish, outfits that Ms Croft has ever donned in a Tomb Raider game. Do you agree with my choice or do you have another favourite AoD outfit? Feel free to … Continue reading »

Popular Archaeology: The Lost Temples of Angkor

Popular Archaeology published an article about the discovery of five pre-Angkorian temples in Cambodia’s Oddar Meanchay province in February 2013. Archaeological field survey and excavation work in Cambodia is often hampered by the presence of land mines, legacies of the bloody civil wars that threatened to tear the country apart in the 1970s, but…. …Despite that … Continue reading »

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