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The Hunt for Himiko: Will Archaeologists Ever Excavate the Hashihaka Tomb?

In Tomb Raider 2013, Lara and the rest of the Endurance crew set out to look for the lost kingdom of Yamatai and its mysterious queen, Himiko, but, in reality, Japanese archaeologists have known the possible location of Himiko’s tomb for a few years now. Long-time readers of this blog may recall that a group … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 28th July 2013

Blogs & Articles: Wat, like Tomb Raider? (Some Well Travelled Sandals) Emily channels her inner Lara Croft as she explores the beautiful Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Day of Archaeology 2013: A Day in the Life of Bones Don’t Lie (Bones Don’t Lie) Fellow Tomb Raider fan Katy does her part to raise public awareness of … Continue reading »

The Day of Archaeology: Thoughts of an Aspiring Archaeologist

Today’s the Day of Archaeology and, despite my busy schedule, I couldn’t help getting involved in this exciting community blogging event. Here’s the short piece I wrote for this year’s event: “I often feel like I missed my true calling as an archaeologist. Despite being attracted to archaeology and ancient civilizations from an early age, … Continue reading »

The University of Manchester’s Short Courses in Egyptology

Would you love to study Egyptology but are unable to commit to a degree programme? Or do you want to focus on just one specific aspect of Ancient Egyptian history or culture? If so, you may be interested in the University of Manchester’s short courses in Egyptology. These non-credit bearing courses are 10 weeks long … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 24th July 2013

Born in Bloody Tombs (Once Upon a Loading Screen) Harald Hagen shares his thoughts on the Tomb Raider reboot and its take on Lara’s origin story. Ladies I Love: Part 2 - Rhona Mitra (Pfangirl Through the Looking Glass) Noelle writes a tribute to British actress and former official Lara Croft model, Rhona Mitra. BBC America … Continue reading »

Guest Blog: She May Only Consist of Polygons But She’ll Always Be My Hero

This guest blog is the second in our Tomb Raider Inspirations blog series, in which fans of the Tomb Raider series are invited to share their thoughts on the franchise and its leading lady and explain how their personal and/or professional lives have been influenced by one of the most successful video game series to date. Today’s guest blog … Continue reading »

New Tomb Raider Comic Series For 2014

Fans of the Tomb Raider reboot will be happy to know that not only has a sequel been confirmed, there will also be a comic series which will pick up where the game left off and pave the way for Lara’s next video game adventure. Dark Horse Comics will be launching the new comic series … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 21st July 2013

Blogs & Articles: A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What’s Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game (Kotaku) Good news, reboot fans! Dark Horse Comics will be publishing a series of comics that will pick up where Tomb Raider 2013 ended and will lead directly into the sequel. Where will Lara go next, I wonder..? Creating Your … Continue reading »

Guest Blog: Lara Croft – Why I Love Her

This guest blog is the first in our Tomb Raider Inspirations blog series, in which fans of the Tomb Raider series are invited to share their thoughts on the franchise and its leading lady and explain how their personal and/or professional lives have been influenced by one of the most successful video game series to … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 17th July 2013

Blogs & Articles: Google Earth fuelling ‘armchair archaeology’ (Australian Geographic) Google Earth has become one of the tools used by a growing number of archaeologists to unearth clues about past civilizations from the comfort and safety of their offices and/or homes. One archaeologist has even managed to identify over 600 sites of archaeological interest in … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 14th July 2013

Despite criticism, there is value in an anthropology degree (MLive.Com) Deana Weibel addresses concerns that anthropology and archaeology degrees aren’t good investments and explains why there is still some value in studying for Bachelors in these subjects. This piece was written in response to another article in which the author refers to archaeology students as … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 11th July 2013

Top 10 Kickass Women in Video Games (Mookychick) Kay Dee lists her top 10 bright, dynamic, strong, fearless, kick-ass women in video games. It should come as no surprise as to who is number 1 on that list. Silver Screen Queens Podcast: Lara Croft Tomb Raider Series (Silver Screen Queens) The Silver Screen Queens Katie and … Continue reading »

Arte-Factual: Tomb Raider 2013: Kansu Burial Urn

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another edition of Arte-Factual! Last time, we looked at the killer whale bottle from Tomb Raider: Anniversary and learnt a little about the Nasca, their beliefs, and their art. This time we’ll be taking a close look at one of the many collectible items found in Tomb Raider 2013: the Kansu burial … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 8th July 2013

Checklist for a Great CV (The Blog of Dean Weller | ‘The Careers Guy’) It’s that time of year when archaeology graduates will normally find themselves applying for further study or jobs. If you fall under the latter category, here are some tips for writing the perfect CV. Volunteer army drafted to map every ancient … Continue reading »

8th July 2013 - New blog theme is activated.

8th July 2013 - New blog theme is activated.

The Eye on the Needle Campaign

**CAMPAIGN HAS NOW ENDED** Eye on the Needle is a non-profit documentary focussed on the conservation of ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, an Ancient Egyptian obelisk situated on London’s Embankment, and it needs your help! The Eye on the Needle team consists of a group of professional Egyptologists and film-makers who are racing against time to raise awareness about … Continue reading »

Tomb Raider Inspirations: Guest Blogging Opportunities

Did the Tomb Raider games inspire you to study archaeology at university? Or become a fan fiction writer? Or take up cosplaying as a hobby? Or pursue a career in the video game industry? If so, you may be pleased to know that The Archaeology of Tomb Raider is currently inviting guest blogs from anyone whose … Continue reading »

Exhibition: Beyond El Dorado: Power & Gold in Ancient Colombia

The British Museum has teamed up with Colombia’s Museo del Oro (“Gold Museum”) to put together a dazzling exhibition that examines the truth behind the enduring myth of El Dorado, the legendary “Lost City of Gold”, and explore Colombia’s rich cultural heritage. The exhibition  “Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Colombia” features over … Continue reading »

Unearthed: 3rd July 2013

First Unlooted Royal Tomb of Its Kind Unearthed in Peru (National Geographic) After months of secrecy in order to protect the site from looters, archaeologists have revealed that they have discovered and excavated the first undisturbed Wari royal tomb in northern Peru. Developers destroy ancient Peru pyramid (BBC News) In another part of Peru, archaeologists … Continue reading »

Photo: The Great Wall of China

This photo was taken along the Badaling (八达岭) section of the Great Wall during my third visit to the Wall in September 2010. Many choose to avoid this section of the Great Wall, deriding it as too touristy and overdeveloped, but if you’re short on time, Badaling is perhaps one of the easiest sections to … Continue reading »

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