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Lara Croft: Relic Run - Fan Reactions and Reviews

The adventure-runner mobile game Lara Croft: Relic Run was officially launched today and, judging from my Facebook page and Twitter timeline, it’s been pretty well received by the Tomb Raider fan community. Fans’ fears that Relic Run would be little more than a Temple Run clone have been put to rest and not an hour goes by without someone sharing a screenshot of yet another unfortunate (but often hilarious) ragdoll death.

Download the game: Google Play || iTunes App Store || Windows Phone Store

I first got the chance to play Relic Run when it was soft-launched in the Netherlands in mid-April and my “first impressions” article was published shortly after. I have little else to add to my initial review apart from some minor complaints about lag (which almost always ends in Lara’s premature death) and the lack of a cloud saving feature, which means you will need to start the game from scratch if you choose to install the game on multiple devices. The game itself is still a fun, classic Tomb Raider-style romp (albeit a frustrating one at times) and Square Enix have teased some fun new features for the game in the near future, including the introduction of community challenges, new character skins, and new levels. So things are looking pretty promising indeed.

Reviews from the Tomb Raider Fan Community:

Many other fansite admins have had the chance to take Relic Run for a spin over the past few days and a select group of them were invited to a special lunch and presentation over at Square Enix’s London office last week, where they got the chance to play the game for themselves and learn more about Square Enix’s plans for Relic Run and future Lara Croft-branded mobile games. You can read their accounts of their day out and their first impressions of the game over on their sites:

Haven’t had the chance to play it yourself but want to know what you can expect when you eventually do? Then check out Lady_Scion’s “37 Shades of Relic Run”. Trust me, that list is painfully accurate…

And if you’d like to see some Relic Run gameplay in action, check out John T’s (JHNGames) video and watch him trying (and often failing) to save Lara from imminent death. Poor Lara…

If you’ve written or filmed a review of Relic Run and want some exposure either here on the blog or on The Archaeology of Tomb Raider’s social media accounts, feel free to leave a link to your review in the comments section below!

The Best From the Twittersphere:

Here’s a small selection of some of my favourite Relic Run-related tweets and screenshots. :)

The following are screenshots of amusing deaths and awkward poses. Due to the sizes of the images, I’ve had to hide the media on this page, so you’ll need to click the links to see Lara’s deaths in their full LOL-worthy glory.

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