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Let’s Get This Show Back On The Road…

Go back to the start and try again...

There are times in life when you need to know when to step back, take a deep breath, and focus your thoughts before continuing on your merry way.

Nearly three months ago, I took the decision to put The Archaeology of Tomb Raider on hiatus. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I’d invested countless hours in running the site and its various social media accounts and I felt that closing down the site (even temporarily) to avoid dealing with the less pleasant aspects of fandom would be akin to throwing the baby out with the slightly toxic bathwater.

A break was desperately needed but it meant distancing myself from the fan community (in a milestone year, no less) and disappointing those who genuinely enjoy reading my articles (all three of you). Granted, the time off has done wonders to my stress levels and allowed me to brainstorm some new projects, but I’ve really missed chatting about Tomb Raider and sharing my passion for all things ancient with you all.

So after careful consideration, I’ve decided to revive the site and have started working on some new material.

Lara Croft & the Frozen Omen #1

First things first: The Archaeology of Tomb Raider will be operating as an independent (and therefore unofficial) fansite from here on out. I’m extremely grateful to Meagan Marie, Robin Huey, and the rest of the Crystal Dynamics team for all their support over the past couple of years and I’m proud to have been part of such an amazing family of community managers and website admins, but this lone wolf needs to carve her own path…much like Ms Croft before her.

So, what does this mean for the site? Well, it’ll be mostly business as usual though I’ll be leaving the news reporting to the official Tomb Raider blog and fansites.

My attempts to keep readers informed of all the latest Tomb Raider news (and dealing with backlash from understandably frustrated PC and PS4 gamers) almost resulted in total Raider burnout and left me with precious little time for working on new Lara’s Travels and Arte-Factual articles. Throw in some other personal issues, an overly negative atmosphere within the fandom, and it was a recipe for disaster. Hence the hiatus…

But enough talk. Let’s just get this show back on the road…  ;-)

Kelly M.

About Kelly M (363 Articles)
A Gibraltarian-born blogger, gamer, and archaeology enthusiast with a passion for languages and wildlife conservation. Tweets under the username @TombRaiderArch and runs the official fansite, The Archaeology of Tomb Raider.

10 Comments on Let’s Get This Show Back On The Road…

  1. I stumbled upon this site by accident shortly before the hiatus. I’ve been checking the site from time to time and am happy to hear you are back on it again. Thank you for keeping it alive!!

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    • Hi Allan, thanks so much for your message. I apologize for the lack of updates in the past couple of weeks (real life got in the way) but I hope to get some new material up on the site in the very near future.

      Thanks for stopping by!:-)


  2. Hey welcome back! I’ve missed reading into your seemingly infinite knowledge of the Tomb Raider universe! Looking forward to it!

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  3. Hey, I didn’t realize you had the site going again. Sorry I missed the news! Glad it is back!

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  4. Welcome back! We missed you!:)


  5. Very wise. Even doing something you enjoy can drain your batteries of all mental/emotional/physical energy, even without all the angst of staying on top of fandom news (and tantrums). Looking forward to the new artefactual and Lara’s travels content (best bit of the blog by far, IMO). Good luck!😀


    • Thanks!:) The break has done wonders, though I admit I won’t be jumping back into the larger fan community for a while yet (baby steps). Looking forward to getting back to what I enjoy doing. :-3

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