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5 TED Talks on Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

The Tomb Raider games may have whet your appetite for all things ancient but if you really want to indulge your inner archaeologist, you should put down your game controller and find out what the experts have to say about this exciting field of study. From the use of 3D laser scanning in site preservation to the ongoing search for the origins of our species, these five TED talks offer unique ... [Continue Reading]

15/04/2020 // 1 Comment

Ill-Gotten Goods: Plundered Artefacts & the Illicit Antiquities Trade

If you’re a fan of the Tomb Raider video game series or love the Indiana Jones films, you could be forgiven for thinking that archaeologists spend their lives searching for mystical lost artefacts or exploring strange lands. After all, when was the last time you saw Lara Croft taking soil samples during a field survey or Indiana Jones applying for excavation permits? Unfortunately, ... [Continue Reading]

19/11/2020 // 1 Comment

Would You Visit a Fake Tomb?

Egyptian authorities recently announced that a replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb will be erected near the Luxor home of Howard Carter, where it will stay until the completion of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza in 2015. Although the real tomb (KV62) will remain open to the public for the time being, the officials hope that the replica will divert tourists away from the original and allow ... [Continue Reading]

12/11/2020 // 5 Comments

Exhibition: Beyond El Dorado: Power & Gold in Ancient Colombia

The British Museum has teamed up with Colombia’s Museo del Oro (“Gold Museum”) to put together a dazzling exhibition that examines the truth behind the enduring myth of El Dorado, the legendary “Lost City of Gold”, and explore Colombia’s rich cultural heritage. The exhibition  “Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Colombia” features over 300 ... [Continue Reading]

04/07/2020 // 1 Comment

Archaeology News – 13th to 19th May 2013

Africa: Al Ruwaida site yields unique archaeological find (Gulf News) Alexandria plans for a new maritime museum (Al-Shorfa) Cemetery Reveals Baby-Making Season in Ancient Egypt (Live Science) Earliest Evidence of Hunting by Human Ancestors Found in Kenya (Sci-News) Skeleton of a Roman warrior unearthed in south Egypt (Ahram Online) Asia: 15 antique items seized‚ one held (The Himalayan Times) ... [Continue Reading]

19/05/2020 // 1 Comment

Archaeology News – 15th to 21st April 2013

Africa : Black market trade of Egyptian artifacts thriving amid post-revolution chaos (Al Bawaba) KENYA: Experts dig evidences of World Heritage Site (World Footprints) Return of tomb raiders (ABC: Lateline) The Libyan desert: Natural and human heritage under threat (Libya Herald) Asia : Ancient Lord Shiva temple in neglected condition at Bandora (The Times of India) Historic Rama temple cries ... [Continue Reading]

21/04/2020 // 0 Comments

World Heritage Day

18th April is World Heritage Day or, as it’s officially known, the International Day for Monuments and Sites. To celebrate it, I’ve compiled a list of all the UNESCO World Heritage sites that Lara Croft has visited during her travels. I had originally planned to write a paragraph or two about each of these places but, due to time constraints, I’ve inserted links to their ... [Continue Reading]

18/04/2020 // 2 Comments

Archaeology News – 1st to 7th April 2013

Africa : Researchers Uncover Significant Evidence Of The 17th Dynasty Of Ancient Egypt (redOrbit) Asia : 600-year-old tombs found in China (UPI) 4,000-year-old stone tools, earthenware unearthed from banks of river Narmada in Bhopal (India Today) Ancient mysteries revealed in Turkmen desert sands (France 24) India’s 35 ‘protected’ monuments are ‘untraceable’, Archaeological Survey of ... [Continue Reading]

07/04/2020 // 0 Comments

Archaeology News - 18th to 24th March 2013

Encroachment Continues on Egypt’s Archaeological Sites, Al-Bordan (Ahram Online) Egyptian archaeologists and the local antiquities police have succeeded in halting illegal construction works at the Al-Bordan archaeological site, which is located on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh highway. They are now pressing charges against a contractor company which is believed to be responsible for the ... [Continue Reading]

24/03/2021 // 1 Comment


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