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Oh My Gods! 5 Online Guides to Egyptian Gods and Religion

Back in March, I compiled a little list of online resources on Aztec mythology for those who wanted to learn more about Xolotl and the other gods mentioned in the popular co-op game, Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light. And now that the Egypt-centric Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris is heading our way later this year, I thought it fitting to put together a list of some of my favourite online guides to Ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses, ... [Continue Reading]

02/07/2020 // 7 Comments

Arte-Factual: The Dendera Zodiac (The Last Revelation)

It seems that everyone is going crazy for Katy Perry’s latest music video, Dark Horse, which presents a very colourful, if somewhat inaccurate, view of Ancient Egypt. So I thought I’d jump on the latest “Egyptomania” bandwagon and look at a famous sculpture that can be seen in the Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation level, Cleopatra’s Palaces. Perhaps you may recall seeing a large blue disc painted on (or carved out ... [Continue Reading]

26/02/2021 // 8 Comments

Would You Visit a Fake Tomb?

Egyptian authorities recently announced that a replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb will be erected near the Luxor home of Howard Carter, where it will stay until the completion of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza in 2015. Although the real tomb (KV62) will remain open to the public for the time being, the officials hope that the replica will divert tourists away from the original and allow conservators to conduct much-needed repairs to the ... [Continue Reading]

12/11/2020 // 5 Comments

Lara’s Travels: KV5

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the KV5 level of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was rather dull and forgettable. There are no real tombs to explore, no noteworthy treasures to find and you spend most of your time driving a jeep through sand dunes, dodging grenades, and avoiding deadly spike pits. Perhaps the level designers just didn’t realize that the real KV5 would turn out to be the largest tomb ever found in the Valley of ... [Continue Reading]

10/11/2020 // 4 Comments

And the Winners of the Archaeology of Tomb Raider Sweepstake Are….

The first Archaeology of Tomb Raider sweepstake competition has now come to an end! It’s been a huge success with over 80 people from around the world competing for the chance to win either a copy of Lesley and Roy Adkin’s The Keys of Egypt: The Race to Read the Hieroglyphs or Barbara Watterson’s Gods of Ancient Egypt. Thank you all so much for participating and for spreading the word about the competition on Facebook and ... [Continue Reading]

01/10/2020 // 0 Comments

Photo Gallery: Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Treasures

I love taking photos when I’m on holiday but, like many others, I’m guilty of taking way too many photos and tend to forget to share them on Facebook or simply print them out. So what better way to share some of my photos than posting them on the blog for you to see? ;-) Below you will find a selection of photos I took while visiting the exhibition Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Treasures in Brussels in June 2011 (the Belgian site is ... [Continue Reading]

23/09/2020 // 4 Comments

7 Egyptology Blogs You Should Be Following

Are you interested in Ancient Egypt and looking for some quality blogs to read? Then look no further! Here are seven Egyptology blogs that get the Archaeology of Tomb Raider stamp of approval! 1) The Egyptiana Emporium - This blog is run by Gemma, an Egyptology graduate, and was one of the most popular blogs at the time of writing. The main focus of the blog is on Egyptological news, the examination of museum pieces, and the ... [Continue Reading]

15/09/2020 // 15 Comments

CLOSED: Enter the 1st Archaeology of Tomb Raider Sweepstake Competition!

UPDATE: This competition has now ended. Thanks to everyone who took part in our first sweepstake! Keep an eye out for future competitions on this blog. :) It’s been 6 months since The Archaeology of Tomb Raider was launched! And what better way to celebrate it than with a sweepstake competition? I’m afraid I don’t have any official Tomb Raider merchandise in stock but I do have 2 great books on Ancient Egypt to give away to 2 ... [Continue Reading]

09/09/2020 // 1 Comment

Arte-Factual: Anubis Shrine (The Times Exclusive)

In the last edition of Arte-Factual, I wrote about the Metal Inrō from Tomb Raider 2013 and explained how these cases were used in pre-modern Japan. This time around, I will be taking a look at a well-known Ancient Egyptian artefact that makes an appearance in The Times Exclusive Level, a stand-alone level that was released in December 1999 and developed in conjunction with The Times newspaper.** The artefact in question is the Anubis statue ... [Continue Reading]

04/09/2020 // 10 Comments


Update: This domain appears to have expired so I’ve removed the links. You can find a wide range of books on Ancient Egypt at other online stores, such as Amazon. If you’re looking for books on Ancient Egypt and Egyptology, you’ll find a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books, audio books, and e-books over at EgyptologyBooks.Com (no longer active). EgyptologyBooks.Com is an online referral book store which specializes ... [Continue Reading]

01/09/2020 // 7 Comments

Guest Blog: Life Might Not Be a Video Game But…

This guest blog by Anya Martin is the fourth in our Tomb Raider Inspirations series, in which fans of the Tomb Raider series share their thoughts on the franchise and its leading lady and explain how their personal and/or professional lives have been influenced by one of the most successful video game series to date. In her guest post, Anya shares her thoughts on the Tomb Raider series and explains how Lara’s single-minded dedication has ... [Continue Reading]

12/08/2020 // 12 Comments

Arte-Factual: Egyptian Cat Statue (Tomb Raider 1)

Yesterday was World Cat Day so I thought I’d celebrate it (albeit belatedly) by writing a post about one of the most easily recognizable artefacts seen in the original Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Gold: Unfinished Business, the Gayer-Anderson cat statue. A replica of this famous and much-loved statue could be found in the City of Khamoon and was apparently so appealing that Lara returned to the site in Unfinished Business to add the ... [Continue Reading]

09/08/2020 // 15 Comments

Jean-Yves Empereur: A Career in Ruins

“All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” How often have we seen these words appear on the big screen, on TV, or in print? But oddly enough, there was one occasion where the resemblance to a fictional character in a Tomb Raider game was perhaps a little too close for comfort. Does the name Jean Yves ring any bells? In 2001, the Alexandria-based ... [Continue Reading]

02/08/2020 // 6 Comments

The University of Manchester’s Short Courses in Egyptology

Would you love to study Egyptology but are unable to commit to a degree programme? Or do you want to focus on just one specific aspect of Ancient Egyptian history or culture? If so, you may be interested in the University of Manchester’s short courses in Egyptology. These non-credit bearing courses are 10 weeks long (6 weeks of taught modules plus 4 weeks to allow for late completion and further discussion) and are taught entirely online ... [Continue Reading]

25/07/2020 // 7 Comments

Unearthed: 21st July 2013

Blogs & Articles: A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What’s Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game (Kotaku) Good news, reboot fans! Dark Horse Comics will be publishing a series of comics that will pick up where Tomb Raider 2013 ended and will lead directly into the sequel. Where will Lara go next, I wonder..? Creating Your Own Lara Croft TOMB RAIDER ‘Survivor’ Costume (Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog) Guest blogger Amanda ... [Continue Reading]

21/07/2020 // 0 Comments

Unearthed: 11th July 2013

Top 10 Kickass Women in Video Games (Mookychick) Kay Dee lists her top 10 bright, dynamic, strong, fearless, kick-ass women in video games. It should come as no surprise as to who is number 1 on that list. ;) Silver Screen Queens Podcast: Lara Croft Tomb Raider Series (Silver Screen Queens) The Silver Screen Queens Katie and Mel talk about the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film series and the films’ leading lady, Angelina Jolie. Fragment of ... [Continue Reading]

11/07/2020 // 0 Comments

Unearthed: 8th July 2013

Checklist for a Great CV (The Blog of Dean Weller | ‘The Careers Guy’) It’s that time of year when archaeology graduates will normally find themselves applying for further study or jobs. If you fall under the latter category, here are some tips for writing the perfect CV. Volunteer army drafted to map every ancient hill fort (BBC News) The UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council will be funding a 4-year project to ... [Continue Reading]

08/07/2020 // 0 Comments

Unearthed: 3rd July 2013

First Unlooted Royal Tomb of Its Kind Unearthed in Peru (National Geographic) After months of secrecy in order to protect the site from looters, archaeologists have revealed that they have discovered and excavated the first undisturbed Wari royal tomb in northern Peru. Developers destroy ancient Peru pyramid (BBC News) In another part of Peru, archaeologists are condemning the reckless destruction of an ancient pyramid by real estate developers. ... [Continue Reading]

04/07/2020 // 0 Comments

Unearthed: 23rd June 2013

Archaeology Blog: Back in the Trenches (GraecoMuse) Real archaeology may not be anything like the “archaeology” depicted in the Tomb Raider games but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting and good fun, as Jenni’s latest blog post shows. High-tech inspired insights into Japan’s ancient ‘Kofun’ burial mounds (Phys.Org) Japanese archaeologist Izumi Niiro talks about the high-tech techniques ... [Continue Reading]

23/06/2020 // 0 Comments

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