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In the Spotlight: Sarah

This week’s fan interview turns the spotlight on Sarah, a history postgraduate, blogger and gamer living in South Wales. So, tell us a little about yourself. My name is Sarah, I’m a 26-year-old history postgrad, living in South Wales with my husband and days away from having our first child (who I’m not allowed to name after any game characters – pfffft!). When I’m not blogging about history and fiction on my blog, History in the ... [Continue Reading]

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Why Study a Dead Language?

In her article “Why You Should Learn a Dead Language”, Josephine Livingstone argues that there is still some value in learning dead (or extinct) languages such as Latin, Old English, and Sanskrit as they allow us access to a vast body of ancient literature and can even make it easier for people to acquire other modern languages. Sometimes we need to remember, however, that there are reasons for learning extinct languages beyond ... [Continue Reading]

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The Hunt for Himiko: Will Archaeologists Ever Excavate the Hashihaka Tomb?

In Tomb Raider 2013, Lara and the rest of the Endurance crew set out to look for the lost kingdom of Yamatai and its mysterious queen, Himiko, but, in reality, Japanese archaeologists have known the possible location of Himiko’s tomb for a few years now. Long-time readers of this blog may recall that a group of researchers were allowed access to the Hashihaka kofun burial mound earlier this year in the hope that they’d be able to ... [Continue Reading]

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Unearthed: 28th July 2013

Blogs & Articles: Wat, like Tomb Raider? (Some Well Travelled Sandals) Emily channels her inner Lara Croft as she explores the beautiful Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Day of Archaeology 2013: A Day in the Life of Bones Don’t Lie (Bones Don’t Lie) Fellow Tomb Raider fan Katy does her part to raise public awareness of the awesomeness of archaeology by taking part in this year’s Day of Archaeology. The history and “secrets” ... [Continue Reading]

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Unearthed: 21st July 2013

Blogs & Articles: A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What’s Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game (Kotaku) Good news, reboot fans! Dark Horse Comics will be publishing a series of comics that will pick up where Tomb Raider 2013 ended and will lead directly into the sequel. Where will Lara go next, I wonder..? Creating Your Own Lara Croft TOMB RAIDER ‘Survivor’ Costume (Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog) Guest blogger Amanda ... [Continue Reading]

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Unearthed: 17th July 2013

Blogs & Articles: Google Earth fuelling ‘armchair archaeology’ (Australian Geographic) Google Earth has become one of the tools used by a growing number of archaeologists to unearth clues about past civilizations from the comfort and safety of their offices and/or homes. One archaeologist has even managed to identify over 600 sites of archaeological interest in Afghanistan with the help of his students. Pyramids of Teotihuacan (Jaunting ... [Continue Reading]

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Unearthed: 14th July 2013

Despite criticism, there is value in an anthropology degree (MLive.Com) Deana Weibel addresses concerns that anthropology and archaeology degrees aren’t good investments and explains why there is still some value in studying for Bachelors in these subjects. This piece was written in response to another article in which the author refers to archaeology students as “Indiana Joneses” and archaeology degrees as “clunker ... [Continue Reading]

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Free History & Art History Courses at Saylor.Org

If you’re looking for a way to broaden your knowledge of ancient history, the Classics, and/or art history at your own pace and for free, you will find an excellent selection of open courses on Saylor.Org. The Saylor Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. and was founded on the principal that education should be free and readily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Saylor.Org is the ... [Continue Reading]

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Unearthed: 13th June 2013

Buffy Writer Takes on Tomb Raider Reboot (IGN) Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon has been hired to work on the script for the upcoming MGM Tomb Raider reboot. People in heritage: John Schofield, archaeologist (Get Into Heritage) Archaeologist John Schofield shares some tips and careers advice for aspiring archaeologists. Angkor Wat: Photo Gallery (Elsewise Engaged) Simon and Kerri share some of the photos they took during a visit to ... [Continue Reading]

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Book Review: Ladies of the Field by Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams’ book, Ladies of the Field: Early Women Archaeologists and Their Search for Adventure [Buy this on Amazon/Amazon UK], delves into the extraordinary lives of seven female archaeologists who, like Lara, threw convention to the wind to travel to faraway lands in pursuit of knowledge and adventure. Some were mothers, some never married, some were devoted wives who worked alongside their husbands, but all were inspirational, ... [Continue Reading]

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Chinese Civilization TV Series

Note: This blog post is a reworking of a post I wrote for an older, now defunct, blog of mine. The links should still be active but if you encounter any dead links, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Chinese archaeology isn’t just about Great Walls, dragon emperors, and fictional Daggers of Xi’an. If you’d like to learn more about real Chinese history and archaeology, you should check out China Central ... [Continue Reading]

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Archaeology News – 22nd to 28th April 2013

Africa: Angry about Senefru pyramid deterioration? (Ahram Online) New discovery solves ancient Egyptian chariot mystery (Al Bawaba) Roman industrial area uncovered in Egypt’s Suez Canal (Ahram Online) ‘Workers Town’ Fed 10,000 Giza Pyramid Builders (Discovery News) Asia: 1,100-year-old structure unearthed in Dinajpur, Bangladesh (The Daily Star) First ancient mirror workshop discovered in China (China Daily) Researchers in ... [Continue Reading]

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Daily Links: 11th April 2013

Bobblehead no more: finishing the falcon mummy treatment (In the Artifact Lab) Molly Gleeson explains how one would go about repairing an Egyptian falcon mummy. Why Do I Cosplay? Let Me Count The Ways (Meagan Marie) Meagan talks about what motivates her to cosplay as her favourite fictional characters. (Author’s comment: Another well-written and heartfelt blog post by Crystal Dynamics’s talented Community and Communications ... [Continue Reading]

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Daily Links - 30th March 2013

Object biography #12: A wooden shabti of King Seti I (Acc. no. 13906) (Egypt at the Manchester Museum) Campbell writes about one of the wooden shabti figures of King Seti I in the Manchester Museum’s collection. Hitachi to sponsor a new online archaeology and arts project (The Heritage Trust) Hitachi’s European division will be donating £120,000 to the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures to develop a ... [Continue Reading]

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The Independent: What’s It Like to Study… Egyptology

Ever wondered what it would be like to study Egyptology at university? If so, check out Gemma Smith’s article about her experiences as a student of Egyptology at Swansea University! This was originally published on the Independent’s website as part of its 2012 Fresher’s Guide and is full of practical advice for budding Egyptologists. If you had asked me on A Level results day “Where do you see yourself in ten years’ ... [Continue Reading]

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Have Archaeologists Discovered Himiko’s Tomb?

Queen Himiko (卑弥呼) and her kingdom, Yamatai (or  Yamatai-koku) (邪馬台国), play a central role in Tomb Raider 2013. But did you know that in February 2013, a group of researchers were granted access to a burial mound in Sakurai (桜井), Nara Prefecture, Japan, which may be the final resting place of this mysterious queen? The location of Yamatai-koku is a subject of intense debate within Japanese archaeological circles. Some believe ... [Continue Reading]

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